Wichita Food Share: Occasional gatheringsof food & meals assistance
 Congregations, organizations, and agencies that give emergency
food assistance or provide meals for the community are invited to get together,
network, share ideas and resources, and discover ways to serve neighbors in
need most effectively.
Join us on Monday, May 12, 5:00 p.m., at Riverwalk
Church of Christ.

Bags of Blessings collection of personal care items was a great success in
February. More than 1640 gallon-size bags were packed with
14 essential
. The Bags of Blessings reached out to men, women, and children
through 33 helping agencies and programs - all thanks to many caring donors.

Filling the Gap Lunches for Kids
The community came together and served lunches for children & youth at
risk of hunger during Spring
Break 2014.
                       At 16 locations, weekdays,  in  Wichita, Oaklawn, and
                         Haysville, the community provide
d 4,513 free lunches and
                         snacks to around
700 children and youth each day.  We are     
                         now preparing for
two weeks at the end of summer, July 28 -   
                         August 9,
2014, for around 9,000 meals with snacks!
  How to make this happen?
 Contributions now (to Partners for Wichita or Kansas Food
Bank (both tax-deductible), designated for "Filling the Gap Lunches." $2
gives 10 box lunches, We hope to give
9,000 meals in Spring Break!
are needed of snack foods (bananas, cuties oranges, fruit &
pudding cups, wrapped snack bars) during the days of the lunches.      
Filling the Gap Lunches for Kids Project Coordinators:
Danielle Ramirez, Program Specialist,
danielle@partnersforwichita.org, 316-263-1389.
Rev. Sally Fahrenthold, Partners for Wichita Samaritan Community,
925 N. Waco, 67203; partnersforwichita@cox.net; 316-683-8649

Filling the Gap Lunches for Kids Locations
North locations
Evergreen Neighborhood City Hall, 2700 N. Woodland
(near 27th & N. Arkansas)
Grant Chapel AME Church
Inter-Faith Ministries Villa Court

Northeast locations:
Atwater Neighborhood City Hall, 2755 E. 19th
Dellrose Church, 14th & N. Oliver
Tabernacle Church of God in Christ
True Word Church, 1108 N. Oliver (10th & N. Oliver),
Urban League of Kansas, 2418 E. 9th   

South & Southeast locations:
Colvin Neighborhood City Hall, 2820 S. Roosevelt
Hilltop Community Center, 1329 S. Terrace (near Harry)
Victory Community of Faith Church, 812 S. Oliver           
Oaklawn: Lighthouse Church, 3401 E. 47 St. S.,  

South/Southwest locations
Cross Point Church, 1515 E. Harry,
New Covenant Church, 1718 W. Douglas,
Salvation Army Orchard Park
Haysville Methodist Church, 601 E. Grand

Partners for Wichita works for
the well-being and peace of the
community by building
partnerships among neighbors,
social service agencies, and

Partners for Wichita connects
neighbors, congregations, and
helping organizations through
Samaritan Community programs
and Safe Streets Wichita..

Partners for Wichita
925 N. Waco
Wichita, KS 67203

Call 316.263.1389

Check us out on Facebook.com
“Partners for Wichita” and
“Safe Streets Wichita

Donations, volunteers, and
ideas are always welcome!

Join us and donate to Partners
for Wichita on PayPal here! http:

Partners for Wichita is a 501c3
not-for-profit organization.  
Contributions are tax-