Partners for Wichita works for the
well-being and peace of the
community by building partnerships
among neighbors, social service
agencies, and congregations.

Partners for Wichita connects
neighbors, congregations, and
helping organizations through
Samaritan Community programs
and Safe Streets Wichita/Planeview.

Partners for Wichita
925 N. Waco
Wichita, KS 67203

Call 316.263.1389

Check us out on
“Partners for Wichita” and “Safe
Streets Wichita (nonprofit)”

Donations, volunteers, and ideas
are always welcome!

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Partners for Wichita is a 501c3
not-for-profit organization.  
Contributions are tax-deductible
Partners for Wichita is...
Pursuing peace and well-being in the Wichita area community by forming
partnerships with individuals, faith communities, helping organizations,
neighborhoods, and more…
    Together we discover our neighbors needs…  become more aware of
communities around us…  share information, build resources, strengthen efforts
for safe, healthy neighborhoods, and work together to meet community needs.

Partners for Wichita Samaritan Community helps congregations with
partnerships to strengthen and encourage their service for the peace and well-
being of people in the Wichita area community.
 "Filling the Gap Lunches for
in Spring Break and Summer 2 weeks provide lunches for hungry children
and youth.
See "Projects" and "Events." Thanks to over 100 donors, 290
volunteers, site hosts, and Kansas Food Bank for terrific partnerships helping
hungry children! See us on Facebook "Partners for Wichita.
Success! Bags of
collections of over 1640 gallon bags in February filled with 12 - 14
personal care items,  
were given to neighbors in need through 33 helping
agencies and programs.

Wichita Food Share: Occasional gatherings of food & meals assistance
 Congregations, organizations, and agencies that give emergency food
assistance or provide meals for the community are invited to get together,
network, share ideas and resources, and discover ways to serve neighbors in
need most effectively.
Coming up: Healthy Food Drive - "Cultivating an Appetite for
Compassionate Change" in September. This is a community-wide drive for

healthy food assistance to promote healthy eating habits.
See "Projects" and

Safe Streets Wichita assists neighborhood residents, congregations, agencies,
and organizations identify neighborhood needs and take steps to meet those
needs, and open new opportunities for safe and
productive lives together.  We offer Youth
Corps classes in area middle schools and high
schools, promoting healthy youth citizenship.
Partners for Wichita is a non-profit inter-
denominational organization.

Congregations and organizations are
growing in awareness of community
needs, expressing deeper commitment
to community ministry, and find
ministries strengthened by new
insights, through service to neighbors.

Through partnerships among
congregations, our efforts are more
effective through shared gifts and
resources…  and we have a sense of
community spirit.

Take a look at Partners for Wichita
“Projects” and “Events.”  Come, be a
Partner for Wichita!